Sustainability & CSR

F&I holds a key responsibility in the food supply chain - as the leading purchaser from over 10,000 farmers, employer of over 500 individuals and producer of ingredients reaching millions of customers. Therefore, Sustainability defines strategic business objectives.

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Farm Sustainability

An extensive team of horticulturists providing agronomic support, paired with collaborative partnerships with experts, have fulfilled the objective of improving socio-economic conditions of farmers. As of 2019, close to 1,000 farmers have been certified under various programs, including Rainforest Alliance, SAI Platform and FairTrade.

Factory Sustainability

With a strong belief in circular economies, F&I has made a tremendous effort in reducing carbon footprint, food waste and groundwater use. Initiatives to promote use of renewable sources of energy and rainwater collection have had a positive impact on the environment, the community and the business.

Solar Energy
Water Conservation

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Corporate Social Responsibility

F&I’s efforts have assisted in developing better education and sanitation in villages, waste disposal and afforestation.

Blood Donation
Saturday Art Class

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